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04.Oct.2007 Jesus Washed the Disciples Feet – His Example of Servanthood

John 13:3 – Jesus washing the disciples feet.

Many things happen that we don’t understand, but we have to move forward in mercy and grace. Jesus was not rigid, and God is not a rigid God. He understood that salvation works itself out day by day. We keep coming back to God and working areas out. We need to have mercy and grace for the people around us. If we are too black and white, we won’t have friends for too long. Show mercy on purpose. No matter what you think about what was done, said or anything.

We can be saved but we have still have to give our hearts to Jesus. If we get saved but harden our hearts, its like being lowered over a cliff to a slow spiritual death. Life is continual surrender. Salvation is a journey – its not just about going to heaven. Our servanthood is about serving God – not serving church or another person. Servanthood is a continual sacrifice – we lay down our lives for others IN SERVICE TO GOD.

Jesus washed the disciples feet. He told the disciples that someday they would understand why He did it. He knew what was going on in the heart of each disciple and knew Judas would betray Him. He was waiting for them to realize that none of them was greater than the other. He knew His time was short and so He worked in mercy. He didn’t LECTURE them on servanthood – HE LIVED IT BEFORE THEM. Peter wanted to reject what Jesus was trying to do. His pride stood in his way.

We have to ask ourselves – where am I not surrendered? What’s standing in my way? Where am I too proud? Pride trips us up on the journey. Judas was chosen to be with the disciples – he knew Jesus as the Messiah, but he chose to harden his heart. Even AFTER Jesus washed his feet. His guilt was in looking for a quick benefit of knowing Jesus. His death was one he created because of his hard heart. How do we do that today? We can’t refuse to serve because it doesn’t suit our agenda. A hard heart and pride culminate in a lost journey.

John 13:10 – We have a salvation experience, but then they are many opportunities to allow God to continue to work. Watch for Peter and Judas moments – take that opportunity to surrender your heart and serve others no matter how you “feel” about it. Christianity is a living thing. There is conflict in it and we should involve God in the resolution. If there is no conflict at all in our life. We’re more dead than alive and we’re not growing. Mercy, grace and love keep us on track. When we’re filled with the love of God – we’re able to live a life filled with love.

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